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* Personaaliunionissa [[Saksin vaaliruhtinaskunta|Saksin vaaliruhtinaskunna]]<nowiki/>n kanssa, 1697–1706, 1709–1733 ja 1734–1763.
* Personaaliunionissa [[Venäjän keisarikunta|Venäjän keisarikunnan]] kanssa vuosina 1815 -1831.
* [[Iberian Union]] with Spain from 1580 to 1640, under Filip II (also known as Philip I of Portugal), his Filip III ja Filip IV
* Personal union with Brazil, under [[Peter I of Brazil]] (Peter IV of Portugal), from 10 March 1826 to 28 May 1826. Peter was the [[Prince Royal of Portugal|Prince Royal of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves]] when he declared the independence of Brazil in 1822, becoming its first emperor. When his father ([[John VI of Portugal]]) died, Peter became also king of Portugal for only a few weeks, after which he abdicated the Portuguese throne in favor of his older daughter, [[Queen Maria II of Portugal|Princess Maria da Glória]].
* [[Brandenburg-Prussia]]: personal union between the [[Margraviate of Brandenburg]] and [[Duchy of Prussia]] (1618–1701).
* Personal union between [[Kingdom of Prussia]] and [[Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1918)|Duchy of Courland and Semigallia]] (later [[United Baltic Duchy]]) (1918).
* Personal union between [[Kingdom of Prussia]] and [[Canton of Neuchâtel|Principalty of Neuchâtel]], 1707-1806 and 1814-1848. The King of Prussia exchanged territories with France during the 1806-1814 interim.
* Personal union between [[Wallachia]] and [[Transylvania]] from 1599 to 1600 under the rule of [[Michael the Brave]]
* Personal union between [[Wallachia]], [[Moldavia]] and [[Transylvania]] from 1600 to 1601 under the rule of [[Michael the Brave]]
* Personal union between [[Wallachia]] and [[Moldavia]] from 1859 to 1862 under the rule of [[Alexandru Ioan Cuza]]
====Saxe-Weimar and Saxe-Eisenach====
The duchies of [[Saxe-Weimar]] and [[Saxe-Eisenach]] were in personal union from 1741, when the ruling house of Saxe-Eisenach died out, until 1809, when they were merged into the single duchy of [[Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach]].
====Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt and Schwarzburg-Sondershausen====
The duchies of [[Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt]] and [[Schwarzburg-Sondershausen]] were in personal union from 1909, when [[Günther, Prince of Schwarzburg|Prince Günther]] of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt succeeded also to the throne of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, until 1918, when he (and all the other German monarchs) abdicated.
* Personal union with the English [[Earldom of Northumbria]] and [[Earldom of Huntingdon]] at various times during the 1100s and 1200s as result of the [[Norman Conquest of England]] and the resulting fluctuating relationship – at times fairly warm and contractual, at times hostile – between the increasingly Normanised Kings of Scotland and their [[Anglo-Normans|Anglo-Norman]] counterparts on the throne of England. The ambiguity of this relationship was only finally ended with the eventual Scottish victory in the [[Scottish Wars of Independence]] and hence a more formal division of the Scottish and English realms.
* From the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English and Irish thrones as James I onward, personal union with the [[Kingdom of England]] and the [[Kingdom of Ireland]] (1603–1707).
* After the accession of William of Orange as [[William II of Scotland]], personal union with the [[Dutch Republic]] (1689–1702).
''After 1707, see Great Britain above.''
* Personal union with the [[Holy Roman Empire]] from 1194 to 1254 under the rule of the [[Hohenstaufen|House of Hohenstaufen]].
* Personal union with the [[Crown of Aragon]] from 1282 to 1285 and 1409 to 1516 under the rule of the [[House of Barcelona]] and the [[House of Trastámara]].
* Personal union with the [[Kingdom of Spain]] from 1516 to 1713 under the rule of the [[House of Habsburg]] and the [[House of Bourbon]].
* Personal union with the [[Duchy of Savoy]] from 1713 to 1720 under the rule of [[Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia|Victor Amadeus II of Savoy]].
* Personal union with the [[Holy Roman Empire]] from 1720 to 1734 under the rule of [[Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor|Charles VI of Habsburg]].
* Personal union with the [[Kingdom of Naples]] from 1735 to 1806 under the rule of the [[House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies|House of Bourbon]].
====Spain ====
'''Leon, Castile and Aragon'''
* [[Kingdom of León]], [[Kingdom of Galicia]] and [[Kingdom of Asturias]] (914–924).
* [[Kingdom of León]] and [[Crown of Castile]] (1037–1065 and 1072–1230).
* [[Crown of Aragon]] and [[Kingdom of Navarre]] (1076–1134).
* [[Crown of Aragon]] and [[Kingdom of Sicily]] (1412–1516).
* [[Crown of Aragon]] and [[Kingdom of Naples]] (1442–1458 and 1504–1516).
* [[Crown of Castile]] and [[Duchy of Burgundy]] (1506)
* [[Crown of Castile]] and [[Crown of Aragon]] (1479–1504), resulting in the formation of the Kingdom of Spain under the rule of [[Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor|Charles I]]
* Personal union with [[Archduchy of Austria]] and [[Habsburg Monarchy|Austrian dynastic lands]] (1519–1521).
* Personal union with [[Holy Roman Empire]] (1519–1556) under Charles I.
* Personal union with [[Kingdom of Naples]] (1516–1714), [[Kingdom of Sardinia]] (1516–1708), [[Kingdom of Sicily]] (1516–1713) and [[Duchy of Milan]] (1540–1706).
* Personal union with [[Habsburg Netherlands]] (1516–1581) and [[Spanish Netherlands]] (1581–1714).
* Personal union with [[Kingdom of England]] (1556–1558).
* Personal union ([[Iberian Union]]) with [[Kingdom of Portugal]] (1580–1640).
{{Main|Unions of Sweden}}
* Personal union with [[Norway]] from 1319 to 1343
* The [[Kalmar Union]] with [[Denmark]] and [[Norway]] from 1389/97 to 1521/23 (sometimes defunct).{{Vague|date=July 2009}}
* Personal union with [[Norway]] from 1449 to 1450
* Personal union with the [[Crown of the Kingdom of Poland]] from 1592 to 1599.
* Swedish kings united his kingdom with [[Estonia under Swedish rule|Estonia]] (1581–1721), [[Livonia]] (1629–1721), [[Kexholm County|Karelia]] (1617–1721), [[Scania]] (1645–1721), [[Bremen-Verden]] (1648–1719), [[Swedish Pomerania|Pomerania]] (1630–1815), [[Swedish Wismar|Wismar]] (1648–1803) and [[Swedish Ingria|Ingria]] (1583–1595 and 1617–1721).
* [[Union between Sweden and Norway|Personal union]] with Norway from 1814 to 1905
====United Kingdom====
* A personal union roughly corresponding to the modern United Kingdom (plus Ireland) existed from 1606 - see [[#England|England]] above
* Personal union with the [[Kingdom of Hanover]] (1801–1837).
* Personal union with the [[Irish Free State]] (1922-1937) and [[Irish head of state from 1936 to 1949|Ireland]] (''de jure'') from 1937 to 1949; and the former [[Commonwealth realm]]s and [[Dominion]]s of [[Union of South Africa|South Africa]] (1931-1961), [[Dominion of India|India]] (1947-1950); [[Dominion of Pakistan|Pakistan]] (1947-1956), [[Dominion of Ceylon|Ceylon]] (1948-1972), [[Dominion of Ghana|Ghana]] (1957-1960), [[Federation of Nigeria|Nigeria]] (1960-1963), [[Sierra Leone (1961–1971)|Sierra Leone]] (1961-1971), [[Tanganyika]] (1961-1962), [[Dominion of Trinidad and Tobago|Trinidad and Tobago]] (1962-1976), [[Uganda (1962–1963)|Uganda]] (1962-1963), [[Kenya (1963–1964)|Kenya]] (1963-1964), [[Malawi (1964–1966)|Malawi]] (1964-1966), [[State of Malta|Malta]] (1964-1974), [[The Gambia (1965–1970)|The Gambia]] (1965-1970), [[Guyana (1966–1970)|Guyana]] (1966-1970), [[Mauritius (1968–1992)|Mauritius]] (1968-1992), and [[Dominion of Fiji|Fiji]] (1970-1987).
* Personal union with the current Commonwealth realms: [[Canada]] since 1931, [[Australia]] since 1942, [[New Zealand]] since 1947, [[Jamaica]] since 1962, [[Barbados]] since 1966, [[The Bahamas]] since 1973, [[Grenada]] since 1974, [[Papua New Guinea]] since 1975, [[Solomon Islands]] since 1978, [[Tuvalu]] since 1978, [[Saint Lucia]] since 1979, [[Saint Vincent and the Grenadines]] since 1979, [[Antigua and Barbuda]] since 1981, [[Belize]] since 1981, and [[Saint Kitts and Nevis]] since 1983.
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