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==Mahdolliset hakijat==
==Potential bids with respective NOC involved==
In this section bids are listed that are working together with their respective [[National Olympic Committee]].
*{{flagicon|KAZ}} '''[[Almaty]]''', '''[[Kazakhstan]]'''.<ref name=" Barcelona drops">{{Cite web|url=|title=Barcelona Drops Bid For 2026 Olympic Winter Games||date=17 March 2017|accessdate=31 March 2017}}</ref>
*{{flagicon|TUR}} '''[[Erzurum]]''', '''[[Turkey]]''' <ref></ref>
:Mustafa Ilicak, a Turkish Member of Parliament representing the Erzurum province, declared that the city was considering a possible Olympic bid, and that they would take this idea to President [[Recep Tayyip Erdoğan]] when he visited the city on March 31, 2017. He added that they would sent a letter of application to the IOC in September, and that they would probably submit a shared bid with the neighbour cities of [[Erzincan]] and [[Kars]]. This would be the first time a Turkish city makes a bid for a Winter Olympic games, although Erzurum previously hosted the [[2011 Winter Universiade]].
*{{flagicon|AUT}} '''[[Innsbruck]]''', '''[[Austria]]'''
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