Luettelo televisiosarjan Shin Mūmin jaksoista

Shin Mūmin (jap. 新ムーミン, "Uusi Muumi") on animaatiosarja, joka on tehty Muumeista. Se oli jatkoa vuosina 1969–1970 esitetylle Mūmin-animelle.

Luettelo Shin Mūmin jaksoista muokkaa

# Alkuperäinen nimi Englanninkielinen nimi
1 " ゆめ・ゆめ・ゆめ" Dream, Dream, and Dream
2 "春を呼ぶ火祭り" Fire Festival to usher in Spring
3 "今日は、おしゃまさん" Hello, Precocious Girl (=Too-Ticky)
4 "スナフキンが帰って来た" Snufkin's back
5 "狼なんかこわくない" Who's Afraid of Wolf?
6 "落ちてきた星の子" Down came a star child
7 "白い馬と満月と" With White Horse and Full Moon
8 "ふしぎなスプーン" Mysterious Spoon
9 "おじさんは手品師? " Is Uncle a Magician?
10 "署長さんがいなくなる" The police inspector is gone
11 "ムーミン谷は穴だらけ" Moomin Valley is full of holes
12 "鏡の中のマネマネ" Mane-Mane(mimicry) in the mirror
13 "ヘムレンさんの約束" The Hemulen's Promise
14 "メソメソ君のマイホーム" The House of Meso-Meso
15 "ムダ騒動はムダ" Pointless Disturbance is Pointless
16 "ミイってやさしいの? " Is Mee tender?
17 "ノンノンの願い" Nonnon’s Wish
18 "海の風車" Windmill of the sea
19 "ふしぎな遊星人" Mysterious alien from planet
20 "ママのハンドバッグ" Mama's handbag
21 "花占い大事件" The big incident of Flower Divination
22 "町からきた少年" Boy from town
23 "ママ、ごめんなさい" Sorry, Mama
24 "時計を作ろう" Let's make the clock
25 "夏への扉" The Door into Summer
26 "金色のしっぽ" Golden tail
27 "ニョロニョロが怒った" Nyoro-Nyoro(=Hattifatteners) get angry
28 "信じる?信じない? " To believe or not to believe?
29 "水晶玉にはなにがみえる" What is visible in the crystal ball?
30 "消えないおばけ" Ghost who doesn't disappear
31 "おかしなケンカ" Strange Quarrel
32 "消えた人形" The missing doll
33 "ひとりぽっちのパパ" Lonely Papa
34 "ぼくは王様だ!" I am King!
35 "パパの古い靴" Papa's old shoes
36 "おじいちゃんは世界一" Grandpa is No.1 in the world
37 "月夜になる鐘" The bell that rings on moonlit nights
38 "赤い月の呪い" Curse of the red moon
39 "笑いの仮面" Mask of Laughter
40 "やぶれた絵本" Torn Picture-book
41 "言葉が消える?" The words disappear?
42 "はばたけ!ペガサス" Flutter! Pegasus
43 "アリオンのたて琴" Arion's Harp
44 "雲と遊ぼう" Let's play with the clouds
45 "眠りたい眠れない" Want to sleep, cannot sleep
46 "飛行鬼にまけるな!" Don’t be defeated by the flying demon (=The Hobgoblin) !
47 "氷の国をぬけだせ" Get away from Icy Country
48 "こわれたくびかざり" Broken Necklace
49 "消えちゃった冬" Winter which has disappeared
50 "パパのぼうけん" Papa's Adventure
51 "スナフキンなんか大きらい" I hate you, Snufkin
52 "さらばムーミン谷" Farewell, Moomin valley


Rintaro Masami Iwasaki