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Termiä Britteinsaaret ei suvaita Irlannissa, koska se viittaa aikoihin, jolloin Irlanti oli Britannian siirtomaa eivätkä irlantilaiset halua, että heidät samaistetaan britteihin. Irlannin valtio ei käytä termiä Britteinsaaret ja sen Lontoossa oleva suurlähetystö kehottaa myös olemaan käyttämättä kyseistä termiä.<ref></ref>'''.''' Sen sijaa termiä ''Britannian ja Irlannin saaristo''a käytetään Irlannissa vaihtoehtoisena nimenä <ref name="postwarculture" /><ref name="reformationBI">{{Cite book|title=The Reformation in Britain and Ireland: an introduction|isbn=978-0-567-08280-0|page=17|last=Hazlett|first=Ian|year=2003|publisher=Continuum International Publishing Group|quote=At the outset, it should be stated that while the expression 'The British Isles' is evidently still commonly employed, its intermittent use throughout this work is only in the geographic sense, in so far as that is acceptable. Since the early twentieth century, that nomenclature has been regarded by some as increasingly less usable. It has been perceived as cloaking the idea of a 'greater England', or an extended south-eastern English imperium, under a common Crown since 1603 onwards. ... Nowadays, however, 'Britain and Ireland' is the more favoured expression, though there are problems with that too. ... There is no consensus on the matter, inevitably. It is unlikely that the ultimate in non-partisanship that has recently appeared the (East) 'Atlantic Archipelago' will have any appeal beyond captious scholars.}}</ref><ref>{{Citation|url=|title=Guardian Style Guide|work=Guardian|quote=A geographical term taken to mean Great Britain, Ireland and some or all of the adjacent islands such as Orkney, Shetland and the Isle of Man. The phrase is best avoided, given its (understandable) unpopularity in the Irish Republic. The plate in the National Geographic Atlas of the World once titled British Isles now reads Britain and Ireland.|location=London|date=19 December 2008}}</ref> tai ''Atlannin saaristo'' akateemisissa piireissä.<ref name="Acrossthemargins">{{Citation|first1=Glenda|last1=Norquay|first2=Gerry|last2=Smyth|title=Across the margins: cultural identity and change in the Atlantic archipelago|publisher=Manchester University Press|year=2002|isbn=0-7190-5749-3|page=4|quote=The term we favour here—Atlantic Archipelago—may prove to be of no greater use in the long run, but at this stage it does at least have the merit of questioning the ideology underpinning more established nomenclature.}}</ref><ref name="Archipelagicidentities">{{Citation|first1=Philip|last1=Schwyzer|first2=Simon|last2=Mealor|title=Archipelagic identities: literature and identity in the Atlantic Archipelago|publisher=Ashgate Publishing|year=2004|isbn=0-7546-3584-8|page=10|quote=In some ways 'Atlantic Archipelago' is intended to do the work of including without excluding, and while it seems to have taken root in terms of academic conferences and publishing, I don't see it catching on in popular discourse or official political circles, at least not in a hurry.}}</ref><ref name="EnglishIdentity">{{CitationWeb citation|first=Krishan|last=Kumar|title=The Making of English National Identity|publisher=Cambridge University Press|year=2003|isbn=0-521-77736-4|page=6|quote=Some scholars, seeking to avoid the political and ethnic connotations of 'the British Isles', have proposed the 'Atlantic Archipelago' or even 'the East Atlantic Archipelago' (see, e.g. Pocock 1975a: 606; 1995: 292n; Tompson, 1986) Not surprisingly this does not seem to have caught on with the general public, though it has found increasing favour with scholars promoting the new 'British History'.}}</ref><ref name="BritishAtlantic">{{CitationWeb citation|author1=David Armitage|author2=[[Michael Braddick]]|title=The British Atlantic world, 1500–1800|publisher=Palgrave Macmillan|year=2002|isbn=0-333-96340-7|page=284|quote=British and Irish historians increasingly use 'Atlantic archipelago' as a less metro-centric term for what is popularly known as the British Isles.}}</ref>
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