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* Personaaliunioni [[Napolin kuningaskunta|Napolin]] (1714–1735), [[Sardinian kuningaskunta|Sardinian]] (1714–1720), ja [[Sisilian kuningaskunta|Sisilian kuninhaskunnan]] kanssa (1720–1735)
* Personaaliunioni [[Croatia]]Kroatian kanssa 1102–1918 (see {{format link|#Croatia}} above for details).
* Personaaliunioni PolandPuolan andja [[LandsBöömiin ofkanssa the Bohemian Crown|Bohemia]] 1301–1305.
* Personaaliunioni Puolan kanssa vuosina 1370-1382 Ludvig I Suuren alaisuudessa.
* Personaaliunioni Poland from 1370 to 1382 under the reign of [[Louis I of Hungary|Louis the Great]]. This period in Polish history is sometimes known as the ''[[Andegawen Poland]]''. Louis inherited the Polish throne from his maternal uncle [[Casimir III of Poland|Casimir III]]. After Louis' death the Polish nobles (the ''[[szlachta]]'') decided to end the personal union, since they did not want to be governed from Hungary, and chose Louis' younger daughter [[Jadwiga of Poland|Jadwiga]] as their new ruler, while Hungary was inherited by his elder daughter [[Mary of Hungary|Mary]]. Personaaliunioni Poland for the second time from 1440 to 1444.
* Personaaliunioni Bohemia,i Puolan kanssa 1419–1439vuosina and1440 1490–1918-1444.
* Personaaliunioni the HolyBöömiin Roman Empire, 1410–1439, 1556–1608kanssa, 1612–17401419–1439 andja 1780–18061490–1918.
* Personaaliunioni Pyhä saksalais-roomalaisen keisarikunnan kanssa , 1410–1439, 1556–1608, 1612–1740 ja 1780–1806.
* Real union with Austria, 1867–1918 (the ''[[dual monarchy]]'' of [[Austria-Hungary]]) under the reigns of [[Franz Joseph of Austria|Franz Joseph]] and [[Karl I of Austria|Charles IV]].
* Personaaliunioni Itävallan kanssa vuosina 1867–1918 ([[Itävalta-Unkari]]) [[Frans Joosef I|Frans Josef]]<nowiki/>in ja [[Kaarle I (Itävalta)|Kaarle IV]]:n alaisuudessa .
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