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| levy = Greatest Hits 1987–199787–97
| tyyppi = kokoelma
| kansi = Kylie Greatest Hits 87-97.jpg
| artisti = [[Kylie Minogue]]
| julkaistu = [[24. marraskuuta]] [[2003]]
| tuottaja =
| nauhoitettu = 1987–1997
| genre = [[Popmusiikki|Poppop]], [[dancepop]], [[synthpop]], [[electronica|electropop]]
| minuutit =
| sekunnit =
| seuraava = [[Kylie Minogue: Artist Collection]]
| vuosis = 2004
'''''Greatest Hits 1987–1997''87–97''' on [[Kylie Minogue]]n kokoelmalevykokoelma-albumi, vuodeltajoka julkaistiin vuonna 2003. Se sisältää kappaleita albumeilta ''[[Kylie (albumi)|Kylie]]'' (1988), ''[[Enjoy Yourself]]'' (1989), ''[[Rhythm of Love]]'' (1990), ''[[Let's Get to It]]'' (1991), ''[[Greatest Hits (Kylie Minogue)|Greatest Hits]]'' (1992), ''[[Kylie Minogue (albumi)|Kylie Minogue]]'' (1994) ja ''[[Impossible Princess]]'' (1997). Se on laajennettu versio kokoelmalevystä ''Greatest Hits 87–92'', joka julkaistiin vuonna 2002.
== Kappaleet ==
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;CD 1
=== CD 1 ===
#"[[I Should Be So Lucky]]"
#"[[The Loco-Motion]]" <small>(7" Mix)</small>
#"[[Hand on Your Heart]]"
#"[[GotHand toon BeYour CertainHeart]]"
#"[[BetterGot theto DevilBe You KnowCertain]]"
#"[[Wouldn'tBetter Changethe aDevil ThingYou Know]]"
#[[Wouldn’t Change a Thing]]
#"[[Celebration (kappale)|Celebration]]"
#"[[Never Too Late]]"
#"[[What Do I Have to Do]]" <small>(7" Remix)</small>
#"[[Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi]]"
#"Where in The World?"
#"[[Step Back in Time]]"
#"[[Especially for You]]" <small>(feat. [[Jason Donovan]])</small>
#"Say Thethe Word - I'll Be There"
#"[[Shocked (kappale)|Shocked]]" <small>(DNA Mix)</small>
#"[[Word Is Out]]"
#"Made in Heaven"
#"[[What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)]]"
#"[[GiveWhat MeKind Justof aFool Little(Heard MoreAll TimeThat Before)]]"
#[[Give Me Just a Little More Time]]
#"[[Finer Feelings]]"
#"[[If You Were with Me Now]]" <small>(feat. [[Keith Washington]])</small>
#"[[Tears on My Pillow]]"
;CD 2
=== CD 2 ===
#"[[Confide in Me]]"
#"[[Put YourselfConfide in My PlaceMe]]"
#"[[DidPut ItYourself Againin My Place]]"
#[[Did It Again]]
#"[[Breathe (Kylie Minoguen kappale)|Breathe]]"
#"Hand on Your Heart" <small>(W.I.P. 2002 Mix)</small>
#"I Should Be So Lucky" <small>(Extended Mix)</small>
#"The Loco-Motion" <small>(OZ Tour Mix)</small>
#"Wouldn'tWouldn’t Change a Thing" <small>(The Espagna Mix)</small>
#"Step Back in Time" (Harding/Curnow Remix)
#"Shocked"Step Back in Time <small>(Harding/Curnow MixRemix)</small>
#Shocked <small>(Harding/Curnow Mix)</small>
#"Better the Devil You Know" (Movers & Shakers Alternative 12" Mix)
#"WhatBetter Dothe IDevil HaveYou to Do?"Know <small>(Movers & Shakers Alternative 12" Mix)</small>
#What Do I Have to Do? <small>(Movers & Shakers 12" Mix)</small>
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