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::: I can see now, that you are doing right things. I'm not vandalishing your job and I don't think will get half year of ban because I'm not accept new information without any sources. I only ask to more quality on your updating methods. It is in your responsibility to add soures to all updates you do here. So, please, add those sources needed to updated articles, soon as possibe.--[[Käyttäjä:J Hokkanen|J Hokkanen]] ([[Keskustelu käyttäjästä:J Hokkanen|keskustelu]]) 30. lokakuuta 2017 kello 15.58 (EET)
:::: Still, there are things I can't find a way to change - infoboxes etc. Also, the older locations don't have references either. The logical reason is that they are on maps, which currently are not updated, but hopefully will be ready soon. I can show well that old unit is part of a new one, but there is no logical connection from there to the object in nature. If I could see an article with these problems solved I could easily follow the example. - [[Käyttäjä:Melilac|Melilac]] ([[Keskustelu käyttäjästä:Melilac#top|keskustelu]]) 31. lokakuuta 2017 kello 18.15 (EET)