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::OK. I'm not aware of those changes, because i have not seen any news of those events. I checked et-wiki, and there were not any mentions of mulig. I rather wait for more info of the reform going on there. Plese, wait for the hole picture to be published, before you help us with the new situation. The need of references is also critical.--[[Käyttäjä:J Hokkanen|J Hokkanen]] ([[Keskustelu käyttäjästä:J Hokkanen|keskustelu]]) 29. lokakuuta 2017 kello 19.04 (EET)
::: That is because the number of necessary changes+updates. It is so great and we try to fix it everywhere but in swedish wiki, where they are fully aware of situation and plan to do the changes themselves, updating all the information, that all information is not updated (it is tens thousands of changes). Check the artikle [[et:Mulgi vald]] for information - and use the most suitable reference you need. Also, [[et:Vikipeedia:Vikiprojekt KOV 2017]] for checking. And PLEASE stop vandalizing our job or we have to contact some person who can set a nice half a year ban on you till the job is done. - [[Käyttäjä:Melilac|Melilac]] ([[Keskustelu käyttäjästä:Melilac#top|keskustelu]]) 29. lokakuuta 2017 kello 19.23 (EET)