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[[File:Wikipedia laurier W.png|350px|center|thumb|A polish mop always prevents the development. If you ban somebody without evidences, you should resign your administrator rights.]]
Hello, I am from Vietnamese Wikipedia.
[[User:AlphamaBot]] is my bot account. [[User:Alphama|Alphama]] ([[User talk:Alphama|talk]]) 06:45, 25 December 2013 (UTC)
== Tool ==
* '''Alphama Convert 1.1.7''' (translate terms between languages by Wikidata). Download here: '''[[:vi:User:Alphama/Alphama Converter|Detail]]'''.
* Convert bare links (ref tag) '''Alphama RefLinks 2.1'''. Download: '''[[:vi:User:Alphama/Alphama RefLinks|Detail]]'''.
* Get list '''Wiki User 1.8'''. Download [ WikiUser].
* '''[ AlphamaEditor]''' is tool with all above functions. This tool is used for {{User|AlphamaBot}}. For me, this tool is one of the best tools for enriching article content in Wikipedia.
AlphamaBot is my account.
* [[Hydra vulgaris]]