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'''Gorkin puisto''' ({{k-en|Gorky Park}}) on [[Michael Apted]]in vuonna 1983 ohjaama elokuva, joka perustuu [[Martin Cruz Smith]]in samannimiseen romaaniin.
== Elokuvan tapahtumat ==
Elokuvan alussa nähdään kolme nuorta ihmistä luistelemassa [[Moskova]]n [[Gorkin puisto (Moskova)|Gorkin puiston]] luistin­radalla. Kolme päivää myöhemmin [[neuvostoliitto]]lainen poliisimies [[Arkady Renko]] ([[William Hurt]]) löytää heidän ruumiinsa vähän matkan päästä luistin­radasta. Kaikki kolme on ammuttu, ja heidän kasvonsa ja sormenpäänsä on kokonaan poistettu. [[KGB]] saa asian tietoonsa lähes välittömästi, mutta kieltäytyy tutkimasta asiaa.
<!--During his investigation, Renko crosses paths with NYPD detective William Kirwill ([[Brian Dennehy]]) who is in Russia investigating the disappearance of his brother James. At a weekend getaway at the [[dacha]] of Chief Inspector Iamskoy ([[Ian Bannen]]), Renko also makes the acquaintance of American sable importer Jack Osborne ([[Lee Marvin]]) and his girlfriend Irina Asanova ([[Joanna Pacuła]]).
Through Kirwill, Renko is able to piece together the identity of the victims: James, and two young Russians who are friends with Irina. Eventually, he discovers that the three victims were busy constructing a chest for Osborne. Renko's suspicion of Osborne mounts over the film, during their polite, but wary conversations in social settings. When Irina is attacked by a KGB officer who attempts to inject her with a fatal overdose, Renko saves her. Nursing her back to health in his apartment, they begin an affair.
Kirwill finally locates the barn where the three victims were building Osborne's chest. He has discovered that the chest was designed to smuggle six sables out of the country and break the Russian monopoly on their fur, potentially earning Osborne millions. Irina stubbornly continues to believe that her friends are alive. Osborne had promised to smuggle them out of Russia in return for their work, and he tells Irina that they were successfully freed.
Renko takes Irina to the barn and confronts her with Prof. Andreev's reconstructed head of one of her friends, forcing her to realize that they have been murdered by Osborne. She confesses the full details of the plot to him and then runs away. Renko and Kirwill go to Andreev's to retrieve the 2nd reconstructed head, but a KGB spook already is emerging with it in a box. They follow him, and Renko is crushed to find they are back at Iamskoy's dacha. They watch from a distance as Osborne and Iamskoy supervise the destruction of the head by the KGB spook. To Kirwill's horror, it is his brother's head.
Renko confronts Iamskoy in a bath house. Iamskoy cordially admits that he kept Renko on the case because Osborne was unwilling to pay a high enough price to smuggle out the sables. Renko's investigation was intended to frighten Osborne into paying more. He offers to cut Renko in on Osborne's kickback. Renko reveals that he has recorded the conversation, and Iamskoy tries to steal the recorder. In the ensuing scuffle, Renko shoots and kills him.
When Osborne flees to Stockholm, the KGB agree to allow Renko to supervise an exchange with Osborne. He is to receive the sables from Osborne, and everyone will be allowed to walk away. When he meets with Osborne, Renko is shown into a bedroom where Irina is waiting for him. She confesses that she fled from the barn to Osborne, who has worked her freedom into the deal for the sables. She promises Renko that his freedom can also be part of the deal. Disgusted by her treachery, Renko tells her she has blood on his hands. Back at his hotel, he meets with Kirwill and the two assume that as soon as the exchange is complete, the KGB will kill Irina, Renko and Osborne all at once.
The next morning, at a remote farm, Renko and the KGB approach Osborne. They see Kirwill tied to a tree and realize he is dead. Osborne announces that Kirwill had killed his dogs; so, he gutted him. Osborne throws six dead sables onto the field and asks the men to lower their weapons. Renko realizes that neither side will let the other live. He grabs Irina and runs for cover in the woods. Osborne kills all the KGB and tries to shoot Renko in the woods. Renko advances on his position, finding even more live sables in their cages. As Renko gets closer to Osborne, Irina emerges from the woods, and Osborne aims his rifle at her, threatening to kill her if Renko does not surrender. When Renko emerges to give up, Irina shoots Osborne multiple times, killing him. She asks Renko to go away with her, but he insists that he does not want to leave Russia.
The film ends with Renko freeing all of the sables, who run off into the woods.
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